Why Are Some Watches So Expensive?

“Wow, nice watch!” We’ve heard it before, in fact, you may have asked it yourself. We all know some brands of watches are so expensive most people would have to sell their car to own one. But what one watch more expensive than another? Actually, you may be surprised to know there are quite a few reasons. Among the most important are craftsmanship, attention to detail, brand pedigree and popularity.
I’d be willing to bet the average person would have no clue that often times the moment can be them most expensive part of a watch. The precious metal cases aside, one of the largest factors is the craftsmanship a high-end watch’s movement. The movement is what makes the watch tick. I’ll save the complex talk for another article, but what is important to note is that a high-end watch typically uses a hand-made, super-accurate automatic movement. These movements are constructed of very small gears, springs and synthetic jewels to prevent friction. So small, in fact, that even a speck of dust can through off the accuracy of a watch.
If you compared an expensive watch to a to low-end, you would notice that the more expensive of the two is made of much nicer materials and that everything just seems to look and feel right. I know, it sounds so corny, but it’s true. The high-quality watch has the right amount of polish, the movement sounds right (the ticks), the crown clicks and functions flawlessly and the band is heavy duty. And I could write a whole article just about the math and styling behind watch dials.
Sure, there is all of this attention to detail, but how can a watch be worth in excess of $10,000. Well, you’d be an idiot to think that watch value is based on those details alone. Many of the best watch brands are rich in history and extremely trusted. When buying a top-tier watch, there is no doubt that you’ll be paying a pretty penny to be a part of that history.
Lastly, high demand of expensive watches allow them to be priced much higher than most other watches. If people will buy a watch for thousands of dollars, you can bet your life that a brand will charge that much.

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