Watch Out For Authority Enslavement!

Many folks feel economically enslaved, that is to say they are drowning in debt, mostly short term debt and they are working just to maintain their lifestyles. This is no one else’s fault although they feel trapped and blame other for their poor financial choices, even though deep down they know they should have known better.
It’s too bad we do not teach financial literacy in our schools, but the reality is we do not. Still, this economic enslavement is not the only “slavery” issue we have in our society and civilization today; there is also authoritative slavery. Let me explain.
When a professor tells you something, and you must not question them because they are automatically right, even when you know they are not, yet, bow to their advice, answers, structures, and rules, well at that point you have enslaved your mind. Like financial enslavement it is really the individual at fault for allowing themselves to buy into it all, thus, we ought to challenge authority.
Unfortunately though, I’ve had a bit of a problem, as authority cannot stand being challenged or forced to answer. So, I liked the quote I read; “Honor Truth, not those who claim to have truth.” One should worry about “Authority Enslavement” Indeed, I burn through people due to my generalist overview of information with my occasional specialties which hit people out of the blue, as I am not expected to know some things, which it turns out I know better than most.
My thinking is you just have to know enough to ask the questions, and then smart enough to find the answers. If not, you may as well submit to authority and your debt, because you chose not to think. Please consider all this.

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