Mickey Mouse Collectibles – Perfect Presents For Children

Finding a present for our children can be easy considering the things they mostly want- toys and books. But this task can also become challenging if you are thinking of some long lasting and unique presents that children would want to treasure until they grow up. To remedy this trouble in searching for perfect presents, parents can always turn to Mickey Mouse collectibles to save themselves from worries.
If your desired present is for your little girl, then a silver Mickey necklace or watch is appropriate. Combine these presents with a princess-like gown on her birthday and you’ll surely witness her true beauty. These are two very affordable items you can get even in your local store or even online. Your little girl is certain to become prettier with these items on and treasure these like real priceless jewels.
Other Mickey items you can pick for your girl include bracelets, chains, wall decors, kitchen toy set, blanket, and a repertoire of stickers. These are items that will reflect a true feminine side of your girl and can create a princess out of her. Giving these presents to her at an early age will gradually develop her likes to feminine products.
Unfortunately, many parents think that Mickey Mouse is only best for their little girls. However, this notion is totally wrong since Mickey products are also suitable for young boys. Items such as bags, watches, towels, pillows, sippy cups, and shirts are designed to fit any boy or girl. There are some items though that are specifically designed and manufactured for a specific gender such as sandals and blouses for girls, and shorts and shoes for boys.

Why Are Some Watches So Expensive?

“Wow, nice watch!” We’ve heard it before, in fact, you may have asked it yourself. We all know some brands of watches are so expensive most people would have to sell their car to own one. But what one watch more expensive than another? Actually, you may be surprised to know there are quite a few reasons. Among the most important are craftsmanship, attention to detail, brand pedigree and popularity.
I’d be willing to bet the average person would have no clue that often times the moment can be them most expensive part of a watch. The precious metal cases aside, one of the largest factors is the craftsmanship a high-end watch’s movement. The movement is what makes the watch tick. I’ll save the complex talk for another article, but what is important to note is that a high-end watch typically uses a hand-made, super-accurate automatic movement. These movements are constructed of very small gears, springs and synthetic jewels to prevent friction. So small, in fact, that even a speck of dust can through off the accuracy of a watch.
If you compared an expensive watch to a to low-end, you would notice that the more expensive of the two is made of much nicer materials and that everything just seems to look and feel right. I know, it sounds so corny, but it’s true. The high-quality watch has the right amount of polish, the movement sounds right (the ticks), the crown clicks and functions flawlessly and the band is heavy duty. And I could write a whole article just about the math and styling behind watch dials.
Sure, there is all of this attention to detail, but how can a watch be worth in excess of $10,000. Well, you’d be an idiot to think that watch value is based on those details alone. Many of the best watch brands are rich in history and extremely trusted. When buying a top-tier watch, there is no doubt that you’ll be paying a pretty penny to be a part of that history.
Lastly, high demand of expensive watches allow them to be priced much higher than most other watches. If people will buy a watch for thousands of dollars, you can bet your life that a brand will charge that much.

Advice and Tips for Engraving Jewellery Like Pocket Watches

Engraved gifts provide that personal touch but make sure you have thought out or remembered the following points.
1. Engraving will not always follow the edge of the item – If you have purchased a pocket watch the engraving will be positioned across the centre of the watch, rather than following around the edges in a semi-circle direction.
2. Ask for examples of font and position of text. This isn’t always possible, especially if purchasing online but if you are spending money on a gift, the last thing you will want to see is the wording not quite ‘sitting right’ on the watch. Sometimes you can get classic typography or it may be the simple plain style of text. The key here is to ask and see if you can specify a font or font size.
3. If you are unsure of fonts and positioning take advice from the engraver. They have engraved several watches and will probably know what works and what really doesn’t. You may have requested 2 lines and dates but the engraver may suggest another layout which will work better. The final decision is of course the customers but take on other views if you are not sure.
4. Don’t try and get as much wording as possible onto your watch and ignore the character limits. Too much engraving on the back of a small surface area will look cluttered. The more space the engraver has to play with the better.
5. Get engraving done with the same company you brought the gift from. Some engravers will only engrave items they sell and nothing else. They will know the items and which of their products can be engraved. You may be able to purchase your gift and get the engraving done later if you agree this at the time of purchase.
6. Some engraved items make take longer than others. If this is a rush purchase ask for estimated delivery times beforehand. Appreciate these are only estimated though as the company will not guarantee anything as circumstances can change.
7. Engraved items cannot be returned. You have added personal information and changed the original item. If the item has been damaged in transit or for other reasons out of your control you may be able to return the item if the store or website has made a mistake. It is important to check the return policy on a website, ask instore and make sure you know your rights before a purchase if you are not sure.
8. Finally and probably the most important. Check, check and check the dates, names, spellings and wording before you submit for engraving. Refunds will not be given because you have wrote a name down incorrectly and if you have put a wrong date that is your error. The engravers may spot a typo and double check but do not rely on this.

Watch Out For Authority Enslavement!

Many folks feel economically enslaved, that is to say they are drowning in debt, mostly short term debt and they are working just to maintain their lifestyles. This is no one else’s fault although they feel trapped and blame other for their poor financial choices, even though deep down they know they should have known better.
It’s too bad we do not teach financial literacy in our schools, but the reality is we do not. Still, this economic enslavement is not the only “slavery” issue we have in our society and civilization today; there is also authoritative slavery. Let me explain.
When a professor tells you something, and you must not question them because they are automatically right, even when you know they are not, yet, bow to their advice, answers, structures, and rules, well at that point you have enslaved your mind. Like financial enslavement it is really the individual at fault for allowing themselves to buy into it all, thus, we ought to challenge authority.
Unfortunately though, I’ve had a bit of a problem, as authority cannot stand being challenged or forced to answer. So, I liked the quote I read; “Honor Truth, not those who claim to have truth.” One should worry about “Authority Enslavement” Indeed, I burn through people due to my generalist overview of information with my occasional specialties which hit people out of the blue, as I am not expected to know some things, which it turns out I know better than most.
My thinking is you just have to know enough to ask the questions, and then smart enough to find the answers. If not, you may as well submit to authority and your debt, because you chose not to think. Please consider all this.

A Timeless Gift for a Growing Young Man

When my son first enrolled into his new secondary school, he found it hard to fit in. With the help of his teacher he was encouraged to join a school club or society. This worked as one day Andrew announced that he’d tried out for the swim team and been accepted. He was elated.
My husband and I along with Andrew’s younger sister always tried to make it to his swim meets even when they were a distance away.
This year was one of Andrew’s biggest races in Weston-Super-Mere. My husband and I both knew it was a very big deal for him. Which was why a week before, on his 15th birthday, we gave him the perfect gift.
We both wanted to get him a watch as he only ever checked the time on his phone! We were hard pressed to decide between the Ice watches and the Rotary watches. I thought the Ice watches had a younger more youthful feel. Whereas my husband thought the Rotary Watches looked more timeless and classic.
I was more worried that as a 14 year old boy he wasn’t likely to keep it in good condition for long! This was when my husband countered with the fact that it was the perfect time to teach Andrew about responsibility. If only we’d thought to teach him such a lesson on a less expensive scale!
Deciding to go along with my husband’s rationale we went shopping for a suitable Rotary watch, but which one? Something water-proof that he could wear while swimming and something durable that would withstand his day-to-day antics.
This was why we chose the Rotary men’s aquaspeed watch that had every specification we required. We were thrilled at how happy he was when he received it. He loved the chronograph detail in the black face of his watch. We were all doubly thrilled when he won the relay race a week later, watch on his wrist as he punched the air when he knew he’d beaten his competitors.
Our son couldn’t be happier with his Rotary watch. We know for a fact that he feels a lot more grown up and sophisticated whenever he wears it. We hope the gift of this Rotary aquaspeed watch is something he’ll enjoy for many years to come.

5 Movies to Watch on Independence Day

This 4th of July, after the parades, barbeques and fireworks displays are over, settle in for the night with one of these movies.
This is America, Charlie Brown
This selection is actually a set of 8 Charlie Brown episodes that are based on American History. Charlie Brown is entertaining for both children and adults, and children will learn about important people and events from American history, such as Benjamin Franklin and Abraham Lincoln, and the signing of the constitution. This is America, Charlie Brown is a great family 4th of July selection.
Independence Day
This movie takes place just before, and on July 4th. On July 2nd, aliens invade earth. The president, military officials and the unlikely David Levinson, a satellite technician, work to make a plan to save the earth from this attack. On July 4th, David comes up with a plan that allows them to defeat the aliens.
This movie is set during the Civil War. It focuses on some specific people and events from this important time in American history. Specifically, Captain Robert Shaw, who led the 54th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry. This regiment was the first all-black one. The film depicts the regiment battling at Fort Wagner, where Shaw and many of his men died. The 54th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry did, however, inspire many more black soldiers to volunteer for the Union.
Saving Private Ryan
Saving Private Ryan is set during World War II, during the battle of Normandy. All four brothers from the Ryan family are fighting in the war, and after three of the four brothers die, a search begins to find Private Francis Ryan, so that he can be sent home. Many of the men sent to find Private Ryan are killed, and Ryan is distressed when he finds this out, since he views his “brothers in arms” as his only remaining brothers. He is ultimately returned home. This movie is a great example of the toll war can take on American soldiers.
Rocky is a must-see, classic American movie. Rocky Balboa is a debt collector in Philadelphia, who gets his start in boxing in 1975. Undefeated heavyweight champion boxer, Apollo Creed, selects Rocky as his opponent for the World Heavyweight Championship when his original opponent is injured. The fight takes place on New Year’s Day, 1976. Rocky takes the world by surprise by going 15 rounds with Creed. The fight goes to Creed by decision, but the new boxer, Rocky, made a name for himself with this fight. 1976 is the year of the Bicentennial, the 200th anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Independence, making this film a very fitting choice for the 4th of July.

How to Choose Your Next Watch

If you’ve decided that you need a new watch, then you might already know what to look for, and why. Alternatively you might not know what to look for, and not know the differences between watches.
Here’s what you need to know.
1. You’ll need to establish why you need a new watch. It might that yours is broken, that you want a formal, or a sports watch, or you want your watch to be a status symbol.
2. Knowing what you’ll wear your watch for will also help you to decide which one is right for you. Wearing a formal watch if you do a lot of sports might not be right, and wearing a cheap digital watch for important events might not be right either.
3. If you know how often you’re likely to be wearing your new watch, you can decide how important it is to you, and what sort of things you need from it. If you’re wearing it for running, or formal events, then you’ won’t be wearing it all day every day, like your day to day watch.
4. You might have a preference for analogue or digital, or you might be open to suggestions. Digital is better for sports, whilst an analogue watch tends to look more formal.
5. You might already know what sort of features to look for in your new watch. Perhaps it needs to have a stopwatch, or be waterproof. It might need to be easy to read in the dark, or have a scratchproof screen.
6. Depending on when you’ll wear your new watch, the colour might be important to you. A bright digital watch might be out of place in a business meeting, or a wedding, but could be just the thing if you’re spending time underwater.
7. The weight of your watch will be important, especially if you’re going to be wearing it all the time. You might be able to wear a heavier formal watch for an evening, but won’t want to wear it all day everyday. Depending on the style of watch, you might want a leather strap, or a heavier metal bracelet.
8. Comfort is important for any item of clothing or accessories, and watches are no different. If you don’t like wearing your new watch, because it’s too heavy, or uncomfortable, then you won’t want to wear it, and so it will be a waste of money.
9. Perhaps you’ve already got a brand or two in mind for your new watch. You might have seen some watches you like already, or know which brands of watches look good on your wrist. What about a designer watch as your formal watch?
10. Although you don’t need to spend a lot to get an nice watch, you’ll want to get the best watch for you. It’s important then, that you don’t choose your new watch on cost alone. Going for the cheapest watch could mean that you don’t get features, or the colour you want, and that it’s uncomfortable and not suitable for when you want to wear it. It makes sense to get the right watch, even if it’s a bit more than you had budgeted for.
Now you know to look for, and what’s important, you’ll be able to choose your perfect watch.