Advice and Tips for Engraving Jewellery Like Pocket Watches

Engraved gifts provide that personal touch but make sure you have thought out or remembered the following points.
1. Engraving will not always follow the edge of the item – If you have purchased a pocket watch the engraving will be positioned across the centre of the watch, rather than following around the edges in a semi-circle direction.
2. Ask for examples of font and position of text. This isn’t always possible, especially if purchasing online but if you are spending money on a gift, the last thing you will want to see is the wording not quite ‘sitting right’ on the watch. Sometimes you can get classic typography or it may be the simple plain style of text. The key here is to ask and see if you can specify a font or font size.
3. If you are unsure of fonts and positioning take advice from the engraver. They have engraved several watches and will probably know what works and what really doesn’t. You may have requested 2 lines and dates but the engraver may suggest another layout which will work better. The final decision is of course the customers but take on other views if you are not sure.
4. Don’t try and get as much wording as possible onto your watch and ignore the character limits. Too much engraving on the back of a small surface area will look cluttered. The more space the engraver has to play with the better.
5. Get engraving done with the same company you brought the gift from. Some engravers will only engrave items they sell and nothing else. They will know the items and which of their products can be engraved. You may be able to purchase your gift and get the engraving done later if you agree this at the time of purchase.
6. Some engraved items make take longer than others. If this is a rush purchase ask for estimated delivery times beforehand. Appreciate these are only estimated though as the company will not guarantee anything as circumstances can change.
7. Engraved items cannot be returned. You have added personal information and changed the original item. If the item has been damaged in transit or for other reasons out of your control you may be able to return the item if the store or website has made a mistake. It is important to check the return policy on a website, ask instore and make sure you know your rights before a purchase if you are not sure.
8. Finally and probably the most important. Check, check and check the dates, names, spellings and wording before you submit for engraving. Refunds will not be given because you have wrote a name down incorrectly and if you have put a wrong date that is your error. The engravers may spot a typo and double check but do not rely on this.

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