Element Metal Mastering – The Telekinetic

Did you watch Avatar: The Last Airbender the animated series?
In these series which also known as Avatar: The Legend of Aang featured the elemental manipulation and Chinese martial arts. The journey of The Avatar with his friends was created and produced by Michael Dante DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko, who served as executive producers along with Aaron Ehasz.
The interesting part of Aang and friends’ journey is the elemental manipulation. Aang as the Avatar was born from Air Nomads and an air bender. As The Avatar, he’s supposedly master all the four elements. Air, Fire, Water and Earth, but if you followed these series, you found that he was kind of suck when learning those elements.
In the second season, Aang met with Toph Bei Fong, 12 year old, blind and tough earth bender girl. The coolest thing about Toph, although she was blind, she was strong! She sees by feeling the vibes on the earth through her feet. And she was later on, also a metal mastering.
She can bend iron, ripped a steel door, control the opponent swords and whole metal mastering things! All she did was listening with her feet then Bang! The high level of metal mastering was showed up. And she was awesome when doing the whole bender things.
The truth is, bend the spoon or control the steel are part of the telekinetic ability. With this ability, a person can move objects with nothing just his mind, mental power and concentration. Uri Geller was the foremost practitioner on this telekinetic field.
Back in ’70, he was on talk shows like Merv Griffin and Mike Douglas’s show. And he was showing up his ability by bending spoons using only his powers of mind. Until now, people still remember him for showing the world a little of his metal mastering.
And guess what? Some people say that this ability is available to everybody. Yeah, common people like you can do what Uri Geller or Toph Bei Fong did. You just have to know on how to set it on! Maybe few lessons on Hung Gar kungfu can active your telekinetic ability? Who knows? Toph Bei Fong did, but she is an animated character, not the real person.
What do you think about it?