OV Watch

Using leading-edge technologies the OV Watch ovulation watch can accurately predict a woman’s fertility level for up to six days ahead of when she ovulates. Simply wearing this watch like unit she’ll be able to receive the processed results of her current fertility level every thirty minutes. As soon as she puts on the OV Watch it starts detecting the high concentrated chlorine levels within her perspiration. With this gathered information the computerized watch computes the minute increases of signaling indicators associated with her time of ovulation. Every thirty minutes the OV Watch gathers collected data analyzes it, processes it and displays the interpreted results on the watch’s screen. With this particular information she instantly knows when she is at her optimal time to get pregnant.
When the OV Watch Fertility Predictor has completed another calculation it indicates the level of your fertility at that moment, and this place either “Fertile”, “Not Fertile”, or “Ovulating”. When the unit displays Not Fertile it lets you know that if you should have sexual intercourse at this time you will have a low probability to conceive. When the unit displays Fertile or Ovulating, it gives you the ability to consider whether it is the right moment for sex making sure you have arrived at the optimal time to get pregnant.
A major advantage over using the OV Watch digital fertility monitor when compared with self-interpretation or an attempt by yourself to figure out when you are at your highest fertility level each cycle is that it can accurately predict up to 6 days before your ovulation exactly when you’ll be most fertile. This is particularly ideal for women that have irregular menstruation cycles. Using the fertility predictor gives you a four day window of opportunity as to when you are at your peak fertility level prior to ovulating. This takes the guesswork out of all the attempts to figure out exactly where you are in your menstrual cycle.
The OV Watch accuracy rate is well over ninety five percent, is completely non-invasive, is 100% safe and very hygienic. For the best outcome it is recommended that you where the OV Watch beginning with in the first 3 days from the start of your menstruating cycle until your OV Watch indicates you are the end of your ovulation. This easy to use fertility sensing unit doesn’t demand anything else of you than to simply read the calculated results of the monitor’s interpretation of your level of fertility. However, when you are done with that menstruating cycle you will need to purchase a new bio-sensor that will replace the one you just used; the only other product you’ll need to use is to change the simple battery.
Competitive fertility monitoring systems use other methods to detect indicators of fertility levels by using different specific body fluids. Most of these systems are not hygienic or require highly-invasive and unsanitary procedures to return, basically, the same results. Most competitors testing gives you a result only one time each day. OV Watch Ovulation Predictors realizes that your levels of fertility increase gradually each day. By providing you an updated status of your levels of fertility every 30 min. throughout the day and night you will be certain to know exactly when you’ve moved from your non-fertile stage to your fertile stage as you approach ovulation. This provides you the knowledge you need in understanding exactly when you’ve got the greatest chance for conception.