A Timeless Gift for a Growing Young Man

When my son first enrolled into his new secondary school, he found it hard to fit in. With the help of his teacher he was encouraged to join a school club or society. This worked as one day Andrew announced that he’d tried out for the swim team and been accepted. He was elated.
My husband and I along with Andrew’s younger sister always tried to make it to his swim meets even when they were a distance away.
This year was one of Andrew’s biggest races in Weston-Super-Mere. My husband and I both knew it was a very big deal for him. Which was why a week before, on his 15th birthday, we gave him the perfect gift.
We both wanted to get him a watch as he only ever checked the time on his phone! We were hard pressed to decide between the Ice watches and the Rotary watches. I thought the Ice watches had a younger more youthful feel. Whereas my husband thought the Rotary Watches looked more timeless and classic.
I was more worried that as a 14 year old boy he wasn’t likely to keep it in good condition for long! This was when my husband countered with the fact that it was the perfect time to teach Andrew about responsibility. If only we’d thought to teach him such a lesson on a less expensive scale!
Deciding to go along with my husband’s rationale we went shopping for a suitable Rotary watch, but which one? Something water-proof that he could wear while swimming and something durable that would withstand his day-to-day antics.
This was why we chose the Rotary men’s aquaspeed watch that had every specification we required. We were thrilled at how happy he was when he received it. He loved the chronograph detail in the black face of his watch. We were all doubly thrilled when he won the relay race a week later, watch on his wrist as he punched the air when he knew he’d beaten his competitors.
Our son couldn’t be happier with his Rotary watch. We know for a fact that he feels a lot more grown up and sophisticated whenever he wears it. We hope the gift of this Rotary aquaspeed watch is something he’ll enjoy for many years to come.