Why Would You Want a Heart Rate Monitor Watch?

A heart monitor watch is a great tool for those that exercise regularly. As the name implies the main function is to monitor your heart beat while you exercise. But why do i need to know that i hear you ask?. The main reason is so that you ensure that you are exercising efficiently. When a person with normal levels of fitness exercises, their heart should be working at between 65% and 85% of their maximum heart rate. Your heart monitor will tell you how hard your heart is working in beats per minute and as a percentage of your maximum heart rate. The purpose of this information is to ensure that you are exercising within the correct heart beat range. When you are working out you don’t want to be doing to little for obvious reasons, but at the same time, you don’t want to be doing to much either. This will have a detrimental effect on your health. With a heart monitor watch you can build your fitness at your own pace until you reach your desired level of fitness.
But now they can do other functions as well. They will also tell you how many calories you have burnt during a workout, which is great for motivational purposes. It always helps to see what your workout has done for you, in terms of calories burned, how long your workout lasted, and what your average heart rate was. The latest models also come with GPS built in which means you can track how far you have run or swam or rode on your bike. This is a great feature if your not sure how far or fast you go when you go out. With a GPS heart rate monitor you will know exactly what you achieved. It will relay all this info back to your computer, so that you can keep a record of your workouts.
There are many different types available now on the market and as with all new gadgets they become ever more affordable. Some of the biggest companies in the world make heart monitor watches like Garmin, Nike and Timex. So quality and performance are assured. Whatever your needs there is a heart monitor available for you. whether you just want one for a daily vigorous walk, or your a competing athlete, you will find that a heart rate watch will greatly improve your workouts by allowing you to workout more efficiently.