Element Metal Mastering – The Telekinetic

Did you watch Avatar: The Last Airbender the animated series?
In these series which also known as Avatar: The Legend of Aang featured the elemental manipulation and Chinese martial arts. The journey of The Avatar with his friends was created and produced by Michael Dante DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko, who served as executive producers along with Aaron Ehasz.
The interesting part of Aang and friends’ journey is the elemental manipulation. Aang as the Avatar was born from Air Nomads and an air bender. As The Avatar, he’s supposedly master all the four elements. Air, Fire, Water and Earth, but if you followed these series, you found that he was kind of suck when learning those elements.
In the second season, Aang met with Toph Bei Fong, 12 year old, blind and tough earth bender girl. The coolest thing about Toph, although she was blind, she was strong! She sees by feeling the vibes on the earth through her feet. And she was later on, also a metal mastering.
She can bend iron, ripped a steel door, control the opponent swords and whole metal mastering things! All she did was listening with her feet then Bang! The high level of metal mastering was showed up. And she was awesome when doing the whole bender things.
The truth is, bend the spoon or control the steel are part of the telekinetic ability. With this ability, a person can move objects with nothing just his mind, mental power and concentration. Uri Geller was the foremost practitioner on this telekinetic field.
Back in ’70, he was on talk shows like Merv Griffin and Mike Douglas’s show. And he was showing up his ability by bending spoons using only his powers of mind. Until now, people still remember him for showing the world a little of his metal mastering.
And guess what? Some people say that this ability is available to everybody. Yeah, common people like you can do what Uri Geller or Toph Bei Fong did. You just have to know on how to set it on! Maybe few lessons on Hung Gar kungfu can active your telekinetic ability? Who knows? Toph Bei Fong did, but she is an animated character, not the real person.
What do you think about it?

Mickey Mouse Collectibles – Perfect Presents For Children

Finding a present for our children can be easy considering the things they mostly want- toys and books. But this task can also become challenging if you are thinking of some long lasting and unique presents that children would want to treasure until they grow up. To remedy this trouble in searching for perfect presents, parents can always turn to Mickey Mouse collectibles to save themselves from worries.
If your desired present is for your little girl, then a silver Mickey necklace or watch is appropriate. Combine these presents with a princess-like gown on her birthday and you’ll surely witness her true beauty. These are two very affordable items you can get even in your local store or even online. Your little girl is certain to become prettier with these items on and treasure these like real priceless jewels.
Other Mickey items you can pick for your girl include bracelets, chains, wall decors, kitchen toy set, blanket, and a repertoire of stickers. These are items that will reflect a true feminine side of your girl and can create a princess out of her. Giving these presents to her at an early age will gradually develop her likes to feminine products.
Unfortunately, many parents think that Mickey Mouse is only best for their little girls. However, this notion is totally wrong since Mickey products are also suitable for young boys. Items such as bags, watches, towels, pillows, sippy cups, and shirts are designed to fit any boy or girl. There are some items though that are specifically designed and manufactured for a specific gender such as sandals and blouses for girls, and shorts and shoes for boys.

What Features the Classic Watches Share

Even though different name-brands have their distinguishing features that have made their fame, it is also a fact that those famous brands have something in common with each other such as quality or fashionable designs. There is no exception with the brands of watches. When it comes to the common characteristics of classic brands of watches, it is not difficult for people to think of the features of the Swiss watches as its position in the field of watches has represented its strength.
Firstly, all of the classic brands of watches have their superior quality. For example, most of the watches of high quality have their attractive strap or watch cases that are made of stainless steel, which has the function of waterproof, shockproof as well as anti-magnetic. Besides, the low-carbon steel also shows off a kind of extraordinary texture.
Secondly, all classic watches attract the attention of the general public with their fashionable designs such as the minimalist lines with the contemporary tastes. It has made the watches pure as well as elegant. People who are wearing those classic watches will also find that their watches have been important parts of their personal charm.
In addition to the designs, the diversity of the collections has also been shared by most classic watches. The manufacturers will always be considerate in order to meet the diversified demands of as much people as possible. They will continue to spare their efforts to expand the range of their consumers by designing good excellent watches to be in line with the tastes of different group of people such as people who value elegance, people who value fashion or those who focus on the dynamic feeling. Therefore, diversification is also one of the strategic features of those classic watches. That is, they will always regard the demands of the market as their momentum of development.
Finally, the strategy of branding is also shared by most famous watch brands. In addition to the stable quality and reliable functions, classic watches will also rely on the branding strategy. It is also true of the Swiss watches as many brands of watches will always adopt the mark of “Made in Sweden” in order to capture the attention of the consumers.
All of the famous brands of watches enjoying the worldwide reputation will have some features in common and those common characteristics have also become the important optional standards when consumers are choosing watches.

Watch For Sale – Things That You Must Know First

Watches are everywhere and you will be in dilemma on what to buy because of the various designs and styles that you will see in the market. Watches have evolved and picking the best one to buy is never easy nowadays. There are some things that you must know first for you to be able to buy the best watch for yourself.
Choose the type of the watch that you plan to buy. Keep in mind that there are various watches for different activities. You need to determine on what activity or event you will use the watch. If you plan to use it in your daily activities, there are casual watches that you can buy. Sports activities will need sports watches that you can also see in different stores.
It is very important that you have enough knowledge about the items that you consider buying. Try to read more about watches so that you will know the basic information about them. You must be familiar with the terms mechanism, quartz, timekeeping and a lot more. These terms will help you choose the best one that you can buy.
Try to increase or improve your knowledge by contacting the dealer of the watch that you plan to buy. This way, you will be able to ask important questions for you to understand more about the watch that you will buy. If you are buying online, there are also ways to contact them like emails.
One of the most important considerations that you need to make is on the budget. Keep in mind that some watches can become very expensive. You need to spend what you can only afford. This will ensure that you will stick with your budget plans no matter what.
There are some things that you need to do first for you to be able to choose the best watch to buy for yourself. Keep in mind that there are some considerations that you need to make first. These tips to buy the best watch are important for you to have a guide on what to choose.

Why Are Some Watches So Expensive?

“Wow, nice watch!” We’ve heard it before, in fact, you may have asked it yourself. We all know some brands of watches are so expensive most people would have to sell their car to own one. But what one watch more expensive than another? Actually, you may be surprised to know there are quite a few reasons. Among the most important are craftsmanship, attention to detail, brand pedigree and popularity.
I’d be willing to bet the average person would have no clue that often times the moment can be them most expensive part of a watch. The precious metal cases aside, one of the largest factors is the craftsmanship a high-end watch’s movement. The movement is what makes the watch tick. I’ll save the complex talk for another article, but what is important to note is that a high-end watch typically uses a hand-made, super-accurate automatic movement. These movements are constructed of very small gears, springs and synthetic jewels to prevent friction. So small, in fact, that even a speck of dust can through off the accuracy of a watch.
If you compared an expensive watch to a to low-end, you would notice that the more expensive of the two is made of much nicer materials and that everything just seems to look and feel right. I know, it sounds so corny, but it’s true. The high-quality watch has the right amount of polish, the movement sounds right (the ticks), the crown clicks and functions flawlessly and the band is heavy duty. And I could write a whole article just about the math and styling behind watch dials.
Sure, there is all of this attention to detail, but how can a watch be worth in excess of $10,000. Well, you’d be an idiot to think that watch value is based on those details alone. Many of the best watch brands are rich in history and extremely trusted. When buying a top-tier watch, there is no doubt that you’ll be paying a pretty penny to be a part of that history.
Lastly, high demand of expensive watches allow them to be priced much higher than most other watches. If people will buy a watch for thousands of dollars, you can bet your life that a brand will charge that much.

OV Watch

Using leading-edge technologies the OV Watch ovulation watch can accurately predict a woman’s fertility level for up to six days ahead of when she ovulates. Simply wearing this watch like unit she’ll be able to receive the processed results of her current fertility level every thirty minutes. As soon as she puts on the OV Watch it starts detecting the high concentrated chlorine levels within her perspiration. With this gathered information the computerized watch computes the minute increases of signaling indicators associated with her time of ovulation. Every thirty minutes the OV Watch gathers collected data analyzes it, processes it and displays the interpreted results on the watch’s screen. With this particular information she instantly knows when she is at her optimal time to get pregnant.
When the OV Watch Fertility Predictor has completed another calculation it indicates the level of your fertility at that moment, and this place either “Fertile”, “Not Fertile”, or “Ovulating”. When the unit displays Not Fertile it lets you know that if you should have sexual intercourse at this time you will have a low probability to conceive. When the unit displays Fertile or Ovulating, it gives you the ability to consider whether it is the right moment for sex making sure you have arrived at the optimal time to get pregnant.
A major advantage over using the OV Watch digital fertility monitor when compared with self-interpretation or an attempt by yourself to figure out when you are at your highest fertility level each cycle is that it can accurately predict up to 6 days before your ovulation exactly when you’ll be most fertile. This is particularly ideal for women that have irregular menstruation cycles. Using the fertility predictor gives you a four day window of opportunity as to when you are at your peak fertility level prior to ovulating. This takes the guesswork out of all the attempts to figure out exactly where you are in your menstrual cycle.
The OV Watch accuracy rate is well over ninety five percent, is completely non-invasive, is 100% safe and very hygienic. For the best outcome it is recommended that you where the OV Watch beginning with in the first 3 days from the start of your menstruating cycle until your OV Watch indicates you are the end of your ovulation. This easy to use fertility sensing unit doesn’t demand anything else of you than to simply read the calculated results of the monitor’s interpretation of your level of fertility. However, when you are done with that menstruating cycle you will need to purchase a new bio-sensor that will replace the one you just used; the only other product you’ll need to use is to change the simple battery.
Competitive fertility monitoring systems use other methods to detect indicators of fertility levels by using different specific body fluids. Most of these systems are not hygienic or require highly-invasive and unsanitary procedures to return, basically, the same results. Most competitors testing gives you a result only one time each day. OV Watch Ovulation Predictors realizes that your levels of fertility increase gradually each day. By providing you an updated status of your levels of fertility every 30 min. throughout the day and night you will be certain to know exactly when you’ve moved from your non-fertile stage to your fertile stage as you approach ovulation. This provides you the knowledge you need in understanding exactly when you’ve got the greatest chance for conception.

Divers Watch, Your Best Friend Under the Water

There is an old saying goes like this: good tools are essential to do the job well. That is what we are talking about to make your diving a fantastic experience: a Diver’s Watch. As the name implies, a diver’s watch is a timepiece which is for divers and it is usually waterproof and moisture proof. There is one thing we must notice that it is waterproof but we can not call a waterproof watch a diver’s watch because it requires much higher standards of all the performances.
Maybe you will ask how we can see the watch when we are diving as the underwater is always dark. This is a good question. The pointers of the watch are usually coated with fluorescent material, so that you can see the indicators easily even in the dark. A high quality diver’s watch can give you lots of important information which could be very useful and helpful when you are under the water, such as how long you have been diving, how deep you are under the water, what time it is and so on. And some diver’s watch can even give you the temperature of the water. In this way, you could know exactly what conditions you are in which could make your diving safe and under control.
So if you have a summer holiday plan to go to the beach and enjoy the sea with some of your friends, why not take a diver’s watch with you? It will make your diving much more interesting and convenient. Just go and feel it yourself, and I am in 100 percent confidence that you will agree with me. Show your friends what you get and have a different and better beach day this summer with a diver’s watch!

Advice and Tips for Engraving Jewellery Like Pocket Watches

Engraved gifts provide that personal touch but make sure you have thought out or remembered the following points.
1. Engraving will not always follow the edge of the item – If you have purchased a pocket watch the engraving will be positioned across the centre of the watch, rather than following around the edges in a semi-circle direction.
2. Ask for examples of font and position of text. This isn’t always possible, especially if purchasing online but if you are spending money on a gift, the last thing you will want to see is the wording not quite ‘sitting right’ on the watch. Sometimes you can get classic typography or it may be the simple plain style of text. The key here is to ask and see if you can specify a font or font size.
3. If you are unsure of fonts and positioning take advice from the engraver. They have engraved several watches and will probably know what works and what really doesn’t. You may have requested 2 lines and dates but the engraver may suggest another layout which will work better. The final decision is of course the customers but take on other views if you are not sure.
4. Don’t try and get as much wording as possible onto your watch and ignore the character limits. Too much engraving on the back of a small surface area will look cluttered. The more space the engraver has to play with the better.
5. Get engraving done with the same company you brought the gift from. Some engravers will only engrave items they sell and nothing else. They will know the items and which of their products can be engraved. You may be able to purchase your gift and get the engraving done later if you agree this at the time of purchase.
6. Some engraved items make take longer than others. If this is a rush purchase ask for estimated delivery times beforehand. Appreciate these are only estimated though as the company will not guarantee anything as circumstances can change.
7. Engraved items cannot be returned. You have added personal information and changed the original item. If the item has been damaged in transit or for other reasons out of your control you may be able to return the item if the store or website has made a mistake. It is important to check the return policy on a website, ask instore and make sure you know your rights before a purchase if you are not sure.
8. Finally and probably the most important. Check, check and check the dates, names, spellings and wording before you submit for engraving. Refunds will not be given because you have wrote a name down incorrectly and if you have put a wrong date that is your error. The engravers may spot a typo and double check but do not rely on this.

Sports Watch – A Great Watch For Any Man

Finding a gift for someone with everything is tough – but the gift of a watch is usually well-received. A sports watch is a great gift for either men or women, and there is a huge market out there filled with different styles, brands and price ranges. A quality sports-type watch will cost around $200 on average, although there are certainly models that are much, much more and those that are much less. Sports watches are not necessarily just for those folks who are active, athletic or “into” sports – they can be for any person who likes to wear a watch.
When choosing a sports watch, there are an amazing number of features – and the list seems to grow longer each year. Some of the most sought-after features in a watch include:
Alarm clock. This feature allows the wearer to set an alarm to remind them of certain activities. Some people use their watch alarm as a wake up alarm in lieu of a traditional alarm clock.
Timer or stopwatch. This feature is great for those who run laps or participate in a sport that requires a stopwatch.
Illuminator. An illuminator will illuminate the dial of the watch so that it is visible in the dark.
GPS. Some higher end sports watch models now contain a global positioning system much like the one that you use in your car.
Calendar. A rolling or digital calendar on the watch is a convenient feature.
Sport-Specific Watches
You can also find sport-specific watches that are made specifically for the type of sport that the person enjoys, like diving. A diving watch is water resistant, glows in the dark, and contains such features as an altimeter, thermometer, barometer, compass and more. There are sport-specific watches for sports like surfing and running as well. These watches will have all the features that the person needs in one watch made specifically for their sport.
More Tips
You can find these watches in both women’s and men’s styles, by many different companies. When purchasing a sport watch, it is often a good idea to buy an extra band along with the watch because it may be difficult to locate a band that is just like the original one if you break the band in the future. Save money on your sports watch purchase by shopping online; there are many fine retailers offering higher end watches at rock bottom prices on the Internet.

Behind the Gears of Patek Philippe

As one of the most sought after watches in the world, Patek Philippe SA has literally stood the test of time. This company’s luxurious, ultra-elegant timepieces have been dazzling some very lucky people for over 140 years.
Patek Philippe was founded by Count Antoine Norbert de Patek in 1845, and in the years to come, Patek would make crucial innovations to set his watches apart from the world’s competitors. The first years were the most crucial, as in any new venture, and it would be a time marred by mundane accomplishments.
After opening his own watch company to a relatively uninterested public, Patek feared that his passion wouldn’t be enough to lure in the customers. However, he had strong ties with Poland, and the Polish people took a liking to his watches, becoming some of the first owners.
These years predate the Patek-Philippe partnership. They speak more of meager beginnings – a start that almost thwarted one of the world’s finest watches before it had a chance. In 1844, after sporadic partnerships, Patek met Adrien Philippe, a young French inventor of keyless winding mechanisms. Patek’s previous partnerships and solo efforts were all but over, and the two formed a reluctant partnership.
With Philippe’s talent for inventing and Patek’s keen eye for design and good marketing abilities, they set out to make a brand of watch never before heard of. By the time Patek Philippe introduced the world’s first wristwatch in 1867, the company was nearing bankruptcy.
However, this new, more convenient and elegant model of watch was very popular with the public. Previously, pocket watches reigned supreme. But with a new product to market, Patek Philippe was on its way to infamy. Over the next few decades, the company introduced various models of the chronograph wristwatch, plus they were the first to introduce the minute repeater, split-seconds hand, and perpetual calendar in their watches.
The Patek Philippe Co. changed hands in 1932, and today, the third generation of Patek’s family controls the historical company. The company also established a successful electronic division after WWII, from which digital watches using the technology of quartz were introduced. Patek Philippe traditionally constructed complete, handcrafted watches which employed some of the most complex technology of the time. The pair was considered master craftsmen.
In 2008, the Patek Philippe name still invokes respect and admiration. People know this brand stands for reliability and quality craftsmanship. Their watches are second to none, and the superior dedication involved requires 600 man hours of quality control to ensure that each single automatic movement is functioning perfectly.
After assembled, the watches are observed for a period of 2 weeks to 1 month, in which time they are graded on performance. The company produces only 30,000 watches annually, and the average price for a Patek Philippe timepiece is $17,000. Some of their finer pieces, however, like the 10-Day Tourbillon, are priced at over $325,000.