Behind the Gears of Patek Philippe

As one of the most sought after watches in the world, Patek Philippe SA has literally stood the test of time. This company’s luxurious, ultra-elegant timepieces have been dazzling some very lucky people for over 140 years.
Patek Philippe was founded by Count Antoine Norbert de Patek in 1845, and in the years to come, Patek would make crucial innovations to set his watches apart from the world’s competitors. The first years were the most crucial, as in any new venture, and it would be a time marred by mundane accomplishments.
After opening his own watch company to a relatively uninterested public, Patek feared that his passion wouldn’t be enough to lure in the customers. However, he had strong ties with Poland, and the Polish people took a liking to his watches, becoming some of the first owners.
These years predate the Patek-Philippe partnership. They speak more of meager beginnings – a start that almost thwarted one of the world’s finest watches before it had a chance. In 1844, after sporadic partnerships, Patek met Adrien Philippe, a young French inventor of keyless winding mechanisms. Patek’s previous partnerships and solo efforts were all but over, and the two formed a reluctant partnership.
With Philippe’s talent for inventing and Patek’s keen eye for design and good marketing abilities, they set out to make a brand of watch never before heard of. By the time Patek Philippe introduced the world’s first wristwatch in 1867, the company was nearing bankruptcy.
However, this new, more convenient and elegant model of watch was very popular with the public. Previously, pocket watches reigned supreme. But with a new product to market, Patek Philippe was on its way to infamy. Over the next few decades, the company introduced various models of the chronograph wristwatch, plus they were the first to introduce the minute repeater, split-seconds hand, and perpetual calendar in their watches.
The Patek Philippe Co. changed hands in 1932, and today, the third generation of Patek’s family controls the historical company. The company also established a successful electronic division after WWII, from which digital watches using the technology of quartz were introduced. Patek Philippe traditionally constructed complete, handcrafted watches which employed some of the most complex technology of the time. The pair was considered master craftsmen.
In 2008, the Patek Philippe name still invokes respect and admiration. People know this brand stands for reliability and quality craftsmanship. Their watches are second to none, and the superior dedication involved requires 600 man hours of quality control to ensure that each single automatic movement is functioning perfectly.
After assembled, the watches are observed for a period of 2 weeks to 1 month, in which time they are graded on performance. The company produces only 30,000 watches annually, and the average price for a Patek Philippe timepiece is $17,000. Some of their finer pieces, however, like the 10-Day Tourbillon, are priced at over $325,000.

Watch Out For Authority Enslavement!

Many folks feel economically enslaved, that is to say they are drowning in debt, mostly short term debt and they are working just to maintain their lifestyles. This is no one else’s fault although they feel trapped and blame other for their poor financial choices, even though deep down they know they should have known better.
It’s too bad we do not teach financial literacy in our schools, but the reality is we do not. Still, this economic enslavement is not the only “slavery” issue we have in our society and civilization today; there is also authoritative slavery. Let me explain.
When a professor tells you something, and you must not question them because they are automatically right, even when you know they are not, yet, bow to their advice, answers, structures, and rules, well at that point you have enslaved your mind. Like financial enslavement it is really the individual at fault for allowing themselves to buy into it all, thus, we ought to challenge authority.
Unfortunately though, I’ve had a bit of a problem, as authority cannot stand being challenged or forced to answer. So, I liked the quote I read; “Honor Truth, not those who claim to have truth.” One should worry about “Authority Enslavement” Indeed, I burn through people due to my generalist overview of information with my occasional specialties which hit people out of the blue, as I am not expected to know some things, which it turns out I know better than most.
My thinking is you just have to know enough to ask the questions, and then smart enough to find the answers. If not, you may as well submit to authority and your debt, because you chose not to think. Please consider all this.

A Simple Guide to Buying Watches

Buying watches is not as simple as you think. We’ll, it really can be easy if you are not particular enough about certain details and considerations. However when you buy one, may it be for yourself or for someone else, the task entails a commitment that requires careful planning and thinking.
Considerations in Buying a Watch
Oftentimes, watch buyers think first of the brand of the product they’re going to buy. The next thing that comes to mind is the specific look. At this point, they will ask themselves if they are searching for a specific style for fashion, sports or something that can be used for all occasions.
The function of the watch is not much of a consideration because everyone knows what it is used for. Nevertheless, specific functions like sports, underwater escapades and other endeavors warrant a timing device with specialized features. Another consideration is the watch’s movement. Do you need a kinetic, eco, quartz or automatic watch? The last aspect, often the most important, is the product’s price. Most consumers want to buy a watch that fits their budget because it is something that doesn’t necessarily receive a high investment unlike computers, mobile phones and other practical devices.
Types of Watches and the Price Factor
Choosing the best watch is not only about choosing whether it is made of plastic, aluminum and platinum among others. Consumers usually weigh between the type and the price of the watch.
1. Dress watches are designed for use in formal events. They are the staple accessories for suits and gowns. They are usually simple-looking, thin and have the most basic of colors. Do not be surprised if they usually have leather straps.
2. The everyday watch is something simple and practical. Students and ordinary working individuals use this type of watch. It is usually worn throughout the day. As such, it has a high probability of getting damaged due to wear and tear.
3. On the other hand, the sport watch is designed to be tough. It is ordinarily bulky, rugged and has a marked rotating bezel. Most manufacturers make water-resistant versions that come with chronograph functionality.
Consumers usually have a set limit for buying watches. As opposed to purchasing more important electronic gadgets, buying these devices ordinarily comes with a fixed budget since people don’t like to spend much on them. Unfortunately, a fine watch is usually priced high. But if you settle for one, you are guaranteed product longevity, reliability and durability. Nonetheless, those who have more to spend want designer watches adorned with expensive gems and precious metals.

Why You Need to Buy a Thin Watch

First things first, how thin is a thin watch? I know it sounds a bit like, ‘how long is a piece of string?’ But when you come to think of it, when you’re buying a thin watch it’s probably the most important question you can ask. ‘How thin is thin?’ Well for the sake of setting a benchmark I’d say thin watches start around 10mm or just under 4/10ths of an inch in thickness (that’s just a bit thicker than an iPod touch) and of course they get thinner (much thinner).
So why do you need a thin watch?
As with so many of the accessories we wear, a watch tells the casual observer more about you than probably your C.V. ever will. You see in just a quick glimpse at your wrist, your boss/bank manager/prospective partner has subconsciously assessed your character and created their impression of you. It may be totally wrong but as we all know first impressions count and if you’re in an important situation you’ll want to make a good impression. So ask yourself just one question do you want to appear as sophisticated and assured with just a hint of understated refinement? Or as someone who doesn’t care what they wear on their wrist as long as it tells the time in 57 different countries and is predominately cheap. O.K. that may be a little harsh, but I’m pretty sure you get my drift. As the old saying goes,’ you are what you wear’ so wear something of quality.
But aren’t they really expensive?
It’s true, until quite recently thin watches were really the playthings of only the rich and famous. The thinner the watch the more expertise and craftsmanship was required to create it. However, thanks to modern techniques thinner watches are available at a fraction of the original cost. Admittedly you can still pay thousands of dollars for say a ‘Jaeger-Le Coultre Master Ultra Thin’ but there again if you shop around you can buy a beautiful Skagen at under $75.
What are the Advantages?
Well as I said before thin watches make a great impression. As Leonardo da Vinci said ‘Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication’ and somehow a thinner watch does convey an air of sophistication and refinement upon the wearer. Also, they’re kind to your shirt/blouse cuffs (unlike larger watches) and by their very nature they’re really light to wear. In fact I can honestly say, most of the time you hardly know you’re wearing a watch at all.
And the Disadvantages?
If you’re into watches with whistles and bells then you’ll probably be better off with a thicker watch. Generally speaking the more you want a watch to do (i.e. be a chronograph, or a temperature gauge or measure tidal flow) then the thicker the case has got to be.
And to be truthful that’s about it. ‘You need to buy a thin watch’ because once you’ve worn one, you won’t want anything else. They’re unusual and eye-catching but most of all they’re really comfortable to wear and that’s something I can’t say about my old ‘Super Duper, look-I-can-tell-the-time-in-every-city-of-the-world’ digital watch – that’s been relegated to the bottom of my sock drawer.

A Timeless Gift for a Growing Young Man

When my son first enrolled into his new secondary school, he found it hard to fit in. With the help of his teacher he was encouraged to join a school club or society. This worked as one day Andrew announced that he’d tried out for the swim team and been accepted. He was elated.
My husband and I along with Andrew’s younger sister always tried to make it to his swim meets even when they were a distance away.
This year was one of Andrew’s biggest races in Weston-Super-Mere. My husband and I both knew it was a very big deal for him. Which was why a week before, on his 15th birthday, we gave him the perfect gift.
We both wanted to get him a watch as he only ever checked the time on his phone! We were hard pressed to decide between the Ice watches and the Rotary watches. I thought the Ice watches had a younger more youthful feel. Whereas my husband thought the Rotary Watches looked more timeless and classic.
I was more worried that as a 14 year old boy he wasn’t likely to keep it in good condition for long! This was when my husband countered with the fact that it was the perfect time to teach Andrew about responsibility. If only we’d thought to teach him such a lesson on a less expensive scale!
Deciding to go along with my husband’s rationale we went shopping for a suitable Rotary watch, but which one? Something water-proof that he could wear while swimming and something durable that would withstand his day-to-day antics.
This was why we chose the Rotary men’s aquaspeed watch that had every specification we required. We were thrilled at how happy he was when he received it. He loved the chronograph detail in the black face of his watch. We were all doubly thrilled when he won the relay race a week later, watch on his wrist as he punched the air when he knew he’d beaten his competitors.
Our son couldn’t be happier with his Rotary watch. We know for a fact that he feels a lot more grown up and sophisticated whenever he wears it. We hope the gift of this Rotary aquaspeed watch is something he’ll enjoy for many years to come.

It’s Essential to Buy Replica Watches

Watch, it is very popular today. Many people love wearing them today. Is the watch only a time teller? The answer is absolutely no. It is another stylish item today, it is not only a time teller, nevertheless a thing which indicate the flavor and interpersonal reputation. We can note that, increasing numbers of people wear timepieces today. There are numerous well-known watches bands, most of that are luxury timepieces. Those watches are too expensive for many of us to get. Sensible producers create the particular timepieces which can be very similar with authentic ones. They are called replica watches.
It can be obviously that watches aren’t made by original manufacture; they are imitated to the legitimate watches. We thanks to the emergency of replica watches; all of us can enjoy the high-end taste when putting on these kind of watches. We don’t need to spend lots of money to purchase an initial watch; most of money can be dedicate to other exciting things. We all only have to shell out hundreds of money to get a replica one. They can work as original ones. These types of watches tend to be well imitated by respected companies. Their particular styles as well as surfaces are generally exactly like unique watches. The real difference is that they are constructed of inexpensive materials; the main watches are constructed of expensive resources. Nonetheless, the imitated watches also have superb characteristics. They are effective nicely after one full year or more.
We all know that replica watch is sold at low price. We are able to buy numerous versions if we like. If you buy a replica one and then realize that it’s not go well with you, then you can definitely go to buy one more. You can also purchase a few parts to satisfy your own different needs. You can wear diverse designer watches when you’re doing work, boating, or attending part. Those various designer watches will make you appear elegant and stand out from people.

Whale Watching East Coast Australia – Which is Better, Queensland Or NSW?

Whale watching on the east coast of Australia is fast becoming one of the most popular activities during the Australian humpback whale migration season. Where is the best whale watching, and are there any differences between watching the whales in Queensland or New South Wales (NSW)?
The humpback whales migrate along both the east coast and west coast of Australia to find warmer waters during the Antarctic winter for breeding and giving birth to their calves. Humpbacks travel up both coasts, stay for a while and then return to their Antarctic feeding grounds for the summer.
The Australian whale watch season is approximately from May to November each year. The whales arrive earlier in the southern part of the east coast and as late as July in far north Queensland waters.
East coast whale watching is probably more popular, not because it is any better than the west coast, just that there is a greater population and a greater density of tourist or commercial whale watching operations based at various points on this coast.
Most of whale watch cruises operate from NSW or Queensland. Here are some of the pros and cons for each location.

Often first to spot whales and the last to wave goodbye at the end of the season.

No breeding grounds, the whales are mostly on the move either north or south.

In NSW whale watching boats are allowed to watch whales at any distance from the shoreline.

Water and daytime temperatures are cooler further south therefore less comfortable for whale watch cruise passengers.

Popular whale watch spots include Sydney, Jervis Bay, Coffs Harbour, Port Stevens, Byron Bay and Tweed Heads.

Whales stop to breed or birth their calves in several locations from Hervey Bay through to Port Douglas.

Many choices for whale watch cruises to cater for visitors to Queensland during the winter months.

In Queensland whale watch cruises must go out to 3 miles offshore before they are allowed to commence watching the whales.

Queensland has a more temperate weather during the whale watching season as it is closer to the equator. Water temperatures are warmer and visitors can enjoy warmer days on the water making it more comfortable to watch the whales.

Queensland’s south east coast whale watching enjoys one of the longest whale watching seasons with whales going in both directions during the mid season.

Popular whale watch spots include Coolangatta/Tweed Heads, Gold Coast, Brisbane’s Moreton Bay, Sunshine Coast, Hervey Bay, Whitsundays, Cairns and Port Douglas.
In south east coast of Queensland there are many whale watch cruise operators . The two most popular areas are Hervey Bay and Gold Coast. There are certainly far more opportunities to go whale watching in Queensland. The weather is usually warmer and kinder to the whale watchers too!
My advice? Wherever you are, if there is an opportunity to go see these magnificent creatures get out there and enjoy it. It is an experience of a lifetime.

5 Movies to Watch on Independence Day

This 4th of July, after the parades, barbeques and fireworks displays are over, settle in for the night with one of these movies.
This is America, Charlie Brown
This selection is actually a set of 8 Charlie Brown episodes that are based on American History. Charlie Brown is entertaining for both children and adults, and children will learn about important people and events from American history, such as Benjamin Franklin and Abraham Lincoln, and the signing of the constitution. This is America, Charlie Brown is a great family 4th of July selection.
Independence Day
This movie takes place just before, and on July 4th. On July 2nd, aliens invade earth. The president, military officials and the unlikely David Levinson, a satellite technician, work to make a plan to save the earth from this attack. On July 4th, David comes up with a plan that allows them to defeat the aliens.
This movie is set during the Civil War. It focuses on some specific people and events from this important time in American history. Specifically, Captain Robert Shaw, who led the 54th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry. This regiment was the first all-black one. The film depicts the regiment battling at Fort Wagner, where Shaw and many of his men died. The 54th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry did, however, inspire many more black soldiers to volunteer for the Union.
Saving Private Ryan
Saving Private Ryan is set during World War II, during the battle of Normandy. All four brothers from the Ryan family are fighting in the war, and after three of the four brothers die, a search begins to find Private Francis Ryan, so that he can be sent home. Many of the men sent to find Private Ryan are killed, and Ryan is distressed when he finds this out, since he views his “brothers in arms” as his only remaining brothers. He is ultimately returned home. This movie is a great example of the toll war can take on American soldiers.
Rocky is a must-see, classic American movie. Rocky Balboa is a debt collector in Philadelphia, who gets his start in boxing in 1975. Undefeated heavyweight champion boxer, Apollo Creed, selects Rocky as his opponent for the World Heavyweight Championship when his original opponent is injured. The fight takes place on New Year’s Day, 1976. Rocky takes the world by surprise by going 15 rounds with Creed. The fight goes to Creed by decision, but the new boxer, Rocky, made a name for himself with this fight. 1976 is the year of the Bicentennial, the 200th anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Independence, making this film a very fitting choice for the 4th of July.

An Automatic Divers Watch Or A Quartz Divers Watch?

This is one of the key issues in the watch world. What is the difference? and which one is better? These questions will be answered in this article so read on and find out the answers to your queries.
Quartz watches swept the mechanical watch industry into near submission in the late 1970’s and 80’s. Since Hamilton created the first electric watch, the Ventura, in the late 1950’s the battery or Quartz revolution changed the way in which people viewed the time. Before Quartz watches it was the part of the daily routine to reset your timepiece by the TV or radio, the Quartz movement accuracy and longevity of charge made this little routine a thing of the past. Quartz movements have become so ingrained in peoples everyday lives, that automatic watches almost became a distant memory. Brands like Omega, Tissot, and Oris tried to fight head on with the Japanese and American Quartz watch manufacturers such as Casio and Timex, but the late 90’s and in the 00’s the Swiss watch companies have fought back against the Quartz revolution. Swiss watch companies are creating luxury watches, quality timepieces that are desirable and aspirational to everyone who see them.
But as a dive watch, what is the difference between a cheap quartz dive watch and a Swiss automatic dive watch? For instance what is the difference between a Timex Expedition Diver and Oris Pro Diver, other than the obvious A�2200 price difference? They both offer the wearer the same basic dive functionality on the surface but is there more to it that makes the automatic watches so much more expensive? Here are some key differences between the automatic watch and the quartz watch.

The Timex Expedition Diver timekeeping will be more accurate that the Oris Pro Diver over a period of 1 month. The reason for this is that the Timex watch uses battery power to charge a capacitor which then powers the movement of the watch, where as an automatic watch uses motion to charge a spring which the releases energy to the watch movement. A top quality automatic watch movement has a margin of error of + or – 1 second per day compared with a Quartz watch variance which is less than 1 second per year. Should this be the same?

The Oris watch uses Swiss mechanical engineering to produce each movement by hand and every movement is quality tested before it can be dispatched to retailers and sold to the general public. The Timex is machine produced in a factory in China and one watch in every 100 units are tested.

All of the Swiss manufacturers like Oris use a unique serial number which allows the watch to be identified and makes it possible to trace every watch to the point of sale and manufacture. Companies like Timex and Casio do not provide unique serial numbers due to the mass quantities which are created of each item daily.

The automatic watch only requires servicing every 3 to 5 years. The Quartz watch will need a new battery every 2 to 5 years depending on the use of its functions.

The automatic watch will stop and need manually re-setting if it is left off the wrist for any longer than 40 hours. The Quartz watch will continue to work until the battery fails or there is a mechanical fault.

There are minimal gadgets on the mechanical watch. There will be no onboard dive computer or dive recording facility, these functions can be found on the Quartz watches companies like Casio, Citizen and Tissot make watches which have the ability to recorded data from your dives to use at a later date.

The key thing to think about is will this divers watch be a functional addition to diving kit already owned, to give you diving data without having to buy a dive computer? If yes then a digital watch will give the much of the information on it digital display, key men’s watches for this are the likes of the Sea Touch and the Citizen Pro master
Or this watch to be more than just diving, should this diver’s watch be timeless and have the possiblity of being able to be worn outside of diving? If it is yes to this question well an automatic divers watch is a perfect addition to a watch collection and it is a great status symbol as well as a useful piece of kit for diving.

Ladies Watch – Guide to Buy the Best

A watch is one of the most important accessories that most ladies want to have. This is a very useful accessory because it can also help you organize your daily activities by keeping you informed of time always. It is also a good piece to enhance your look. Buying a quality watch requires effort from you. There are some tips that you need to know.
The first thing that you need to think of when you want to buy a watch is to decide on what type of watch do you want to buy. Keep in mind that you may see quartz, mechanical and battery operated watches in the market. Quartz are more economical. Mechanical ones, on the other hand, are very sophisticated and can last for a long period of time.
Keep in mind that there are a lot of styles and shapes of watches. You need to choose the one that will fit you. Try to look at the case of the watch. A round shaped case is more apt for a lady. Square cases are for men.
You need to decide on the material that the watch must be made of. There are a lot of materials used for watches like gold, silver, platinum, rubber, ceramic, stainless steel and others. You need to match your personality and preference with the watch. Gold watches are very popular. Stainless steel watches are also good and economical.
It is very important that the watch that you will buy has a good band. There are a lot of materials that are being used for the band like rubber, metals, leather and others. Rubber is for an outgoing lady. Leather, on the other hand, can become very fashionable. Formal events may need a metal watch for you to wear. You need to choose a band that will match your personality and lifestyle.
It is very important that you consider a lot of things when you want to purchase or choose a watch. This will ensure that you will have a guide in choosing the best watch that you can only afford. Keep in mind that there are tips that will always help you.